My interests in machine learning span a variety of different subjects, with a focus on Bayesian Nonparametric models and scalable variational inference algorithms. Recently, I've become interested in ideas regarding Bayesian optimization and how they can be used to optimize contextual bandit problems. Outside of these machine learning interests, I have spent some time developing skills as a full-stack web developer from building Refinery. I believe that more effort should be placed in providing everyone with the power of these sophisticated machine learning tools by integrating them within a simple user interface so as to democratize these tools for the masses.

Earlier in my life, I received a liberal arts education at Sarah Lawrence College, where I spent a glorious four years reading english literature, devouring psychology, and becoming a dilettante in the fine arts. Before this, I went to Stuyvesant High School in lower Manhattan and as a child would go to College Point park to fish for flounders (sadly, I never managed to catch any).

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